UnfilthLagos Project


As part of our commitment to restoring and maintaining environmental sustainability in Lagos state, the Global Shapers Lagos hub in partnership with VisionScape Sanitation Solution organized a Cleanup event in Tejuosho, Yaba on the 27th October, 2018.

With the current global MSW generation levels are approximately 1.2 billion tons per year and expected to increase to approximately 2.2 billion tons in 2025, Our project attempts to solve major environmental and health problems resulting from large quantities of untreated and illegal dumpsites in Lagos state in a scalable and revenue generating model.



Furthermore, using innovative strategies, we attempted to positively change the behavior of the citizens to properly dispose the 5 Million tons of municipal waste generated in the state per year.We sensitized and engaged our target audience on the importance of proper waste disposal and its benefit to improving their health and the environment. We also educated them on how to get incentives from these waste materials, all in a bid to promote recycling and other impactful efforts within the environment.


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